Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Posts Coming Soon!

In the span of a week and a half, I overcame a lifetime of keeping my story quiet and spoke on 90.1 WMBI Moody Radio (I'll post the link soon!), flew to Texas for a cousin’s wedding and engaged in some serious southern barbeque food, packed up my entire house, survived a blizzard that dumped 22 inches of snow, spent hours digging my car out of a 6 foot snow drift, and then moved... in those 22 darn inches. Phew! 

This girl is exhausted.

Therefore, my poor little blog has been neglected. 

Once I’m settled in my new place and Comcast has bestowed upon me the gift of internet, regular posting will be resumed.

In the meantime…

Oakley wants to be packed too
My life in boxes
My poor, poor car
The amazing Bobcat man who came to my rescue and dug me out
Ahhh - freedom!
My brother and I at our cousin's Texas wedding

That's some good Texas eatin'

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