Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Vintage Pearl Giveaway

The Vintage Pearl is an incredible jewelry company that fashions all sorts of creations out of freshwater pearls and stainless steel. Check them out!

As you know, my name means "pearl" and I've been on quite the journey to discover just how meaningful that is. Read my blog post, Pearls of a Great Price, to learn more. My dear friend, Bethany Suhr, sent me a beautiful necklace from The Vintage Pearl just before I went on Moody Radio and inscribed it with words from Pearls of a Great Price.

"I really hoped you would love it," she gchatted me. "And you could wear it when you speak and it would give you a sense of... peace. And worth. And let you know there are people that back you and love you."

I cried right there at my desk at work.

And so, I must tell you all that The Vintage Pearl is having a contest and are giving away their jewelry if you tell them which piece you want (blogging and tweeting earn you extra entries!).

So, here's my attempt to snatch up another piece of their gorgeous collection and to encourage you to do it too!

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